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KWR Appliances carries a wide array of electric stoves ranging from basic coil to advanced flat tops with warmers and griddle plates.


Basic Stove   $125 - $175

These stoves do not have digital displays or controls. They will have coil burners and will show some wear and tear.


Standard Stoves    $150 - $200

These stoves are typically 7-15 years old and in better condition than our basic models. These stoves may have a basic digital clock display.


Deluxe Stoves    $225 - $350

These stoves may include advanced digital controls and will show minimal blemishes, if any.  They may have coil burners or a glass top.


KWR Appliances checks all of the heating elements, bake elements and thermostat knobs on all the stoves and ovens.



  1. Please measure the space to ensure the appliance will fit.  This includes any doors that the appliance will have to pass through.

  2. If you have an appliance with digital controls, it is controlled by a computer board.  These appliances typically are more energy efficient.  The cost to repair these, however, is more expensive so this is something to consider before a purchase.


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