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KWR Appliances offers a wide variety of used refrigerators for rental homes, first-time home purchases and commercial clients.  We ensure that all of our used refrigerators meet the following standards and take great pride in our inventory.


Clean and free of bugs

Run between 33 and 40 degrees for at least 48 hours

Maintain freezer temperature below freezing for at least 48 hours

Have a working compressor and fully operational fans

No leaks


Basic Refrigerators   $175 - $200

These refrigerators are usually over 15 years old and work best in homes with smaller kitchens. They typically are 16-19 cubic feet and will have exterior blemishes and perhaps some missing shelves and trays.



Standard Refrigerators

$200 - $275

These refrigerators are typically 7 to 15 years old and 18 to 23 cubic feet. There will be minimal blemishes and the inside of the refrigerator will have all of the shelves, trays and crisper bins.


Deluxe Refrigerators $300 - $400

These refrigerators are typically 1-10 years old and work best in larger kitchens. They are 20 -23 cubic feet and will either be a top mount refrigerator, bottom mount refrigerator, or a basic side-by-side.


Like all of the appliances at KWR Appliances, our refrigerators are tested by experienced technicians and cleaned thoroughly to insure a quality product upon delivery.

We encourage property managers, realtors and landlords to visit our warehouse to see our inventory and price points. After that, we can do the rest from choosing quality refrigerators to setting up delivery times with tenants but we do need some due diligence from the buyers.


  1. Measure the height, width and depth of the available space. Make sure that when the refrigerator doors are open, they will not be stopped by any cabinets, doors or other appliances.


  1. Please measure your doorways and make sure that there are no narrow hallways or entries that will prevent you from getting your appliance into your kitchen.


  1. Make sure that the door opens the correct way.  Look at where the stove and other doorways are located and make sure that the door opens AWAY from the stove if possible.  This is a safety measure as it will prevent you from bringing your arm over the stove to get into the refrigerator.



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